DIY Website Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Own Website [EP 17]

Website Mistakes To Avoid
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You want a website for your business that you can be proud to show off. But knowing where to start can be overwhelming.

Sydney Hart teaches us about branding and its #1 purpose on our website…

Sydney inspires us to stop thinking about what everyone else is doing, and instead, she shares the easiest ways to stand out!  

Ready to sell more on your site? These tips will help you quickly create a sales page that your perfect customer won’t be able to resist.

By the end of this episode, you’ll learn: 

  • How to increase leads and sales on your website in less than ONE week
  • The most common website mistakes by DIYers and how to fix them 
  • 3 of the BEST tools to gauge website success

Links and Resources from this episode:

  • – verify all of the links on your site work and find the ones that don’t
  • Google Analytics – a free, robust tool to monitor bounce rate, and behavior flow for drop off rates
  • Hotjar Website Heatmap and Behavior Analytics Tool to understand how users are experiencing your site without drowning in numbers
  • Website Content Worksheet: Get an outline from Sydney of every page on your website so you can build your website targeting all types of leads
  • No More Boring Branding Checklist

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DIY Website Mistakes To Avoid When Designing Your Own Website with Sydney Hart 00:00:00 – 00:05:25 A lot of times when you have a business of service. There are a lot of stigma. People put on that type of service for expectations. That people have so put exercise that i like to reply is. Let’s talk about the three biggest heritages within your industry. Your business right now and let’s talk about how we’re going to disrupt them and shift them into something else so that way. We’re not just choosing colors accusing funds or choosing verbiage. Just because it feels good to us wanna make sure that it’s booted in some sort of research. Some sort of strategy cousin want to make sure that your brand is growing in a way that it’s not gonna be around for three or four years. You’re listening to the marketing to millions. Podcast the only show to give you real or behind the scenes tools and marketing strategies to create a thriving online coaching business. I’m your host. Liz bore the grow traded in her corporate timing careers help. Ambitious top leaders create a bigger impact using effective and intentional digital marketing strategies. Thanks for listening in. I’m so glad you’re here melissa. Today show money blockers pesky negative sub-conscious beliefs about money that limit us from achieving our conscious desires. You might feel them up in different areas of your life with your spouse with friends in your business but did you know you could be seeing them on your website right now. Your website might not be serving or your business. This is why. I ask sydney heart an expert brand and website designer to join me in this brand new episode. Sydney is a brand and website designer. Who is also a copywriter. That’s what we call a triple threat. In the online space. She serves content. Creation experts helping them to have visually magnetic messaging sunni realized that many entrepreneurs in the content creation space were already online. But not in a way that positions them for success you know i believe in the ripple effect women have on their communities families and businesses when they are thriving and sydney also has a mission to revitalize credibility into creative industries by allowing women to be themselves and not focused on fitting in but standing out with our amazing services and superpowers. She uses psychology based in sign and winning words that position her clients. Ask true experts lou speaking to my heart. So if your website isn’t attracting high quality leads or doesn’t communicate what you offer in a way that makes folks to take action immediately. You’re about to learn how to revive your website and make sure you listen all the way until end because sydney shared her. Musk’s tab tools to gauge website. Success two of them you might not have ever heard of before and i bet you’re going to be just as excited as i was about the information. These tools track to help you. Increase the amount of time people spend on your website and how you can use them to create captivating content even your most skeptic prospects will love without further ado. Let’s welcome sydney to the show. Hey hey sydney. Welcome to the show and thanks so much for being here. Thanks so much for having me as a really appreciated yeah sydney you are a very unique designer and if you could see me right now i’m saying that with air quotes because uring unique in that you blend both design and brand strategy inter-business. Why was that an important differentiator for you. Yes so i think a lot of the times in business we fall into it as a hobby or we plan plan. Plan to the point where we’re just like okay. We’re just gonna jump because at this point we’re having analysis paralysis and if we wait any longer it’s never gonna happen so i understand. A lot of folks are businesses. They’re doing everything on their own. Andbranch strategy isn’t a conversation. That lily comes up outside of you know know your ideal clients so i started my design journey way back in high school but i didn’t start charging people for work until college and that was a great experience giving people different local designs even fire designs at some point but i felt that was a piece missing because people will walk away with these things and not know how to use them first and foremost in the second not understand the decisions that were made in you know them coming to fruition so i really decided to hunker down and enrolled in a few courses. 00:05:25 – 00:10:02 Got some coaches of course in a really learn ended outs branch. Chatterjee started implementing it in autumn. I projects so that way. We’re not just choosing colors accusing fox choosing verbiage just because it feels good to us wanna make sure that it’s rooted in some sort of research some sort of strategy because want to make sure that your brand as growing in a way that it’s not gonna be around for three or four years. A lot of my clients are like. I want this to be attained twenty third year long company that i can pass down my children so i wanted to set my clients up for total success. That’s amazing I love it. You mentioned rooted in research. And i know we’re going to get into that later on but i just want to mention in go back to something that you just mentioned a little bit ago in that The fact of like getting the the reason behind doing something right like that logo that you were mentioning you would build in create and deliver beautiful logos your clients but they weren’t really sure how to execute an share the story of that logo and it really brought me and reminded me about it an experience that i had with a client. Actually this week she shared with me is a client that we just launched a brand new book for her so she has a physical and audible version of her brand new book and she took these beautiful brands photos with a book. Amazing beautiful photos and her. Obm shared them with meeks for writing her email newsletter copy for her book launch. And you know the amazing photos with me with with her taking photos with a book in her personal photos just by herself and although i loved them and was excited to implement them a couple emails later she also shared with me the story behind the creation of those emails. The empowering reasons why. She took the photos in the way that she did why she positioned herself the way that she did why. She wore the outfit the way that she did why. She wanted the editing. The lighting in the colors in the photos to appear the way that they did and adjust. Prove to me how much more i could impact someone with words by Marrying them with visual aspect of those photos so now i had the knowledge of in the background of those photos too then couple with the emails that we are going to write to really inspire her audience to then go purchase her product. So i imagine you know that something that you also realized when you are starting to evolve your business the opportunity there when we have when we can marry a visual aspect with our copy whether it be on a landing page or email sequence. So how do you as a brand and website designer decide how to set those frameworks up or decide what pictures are images colors to use for your clients. So i there’s two pieces to this right so with my clients we always ecorse start with the client and A lotta people focused mostly on demographics scene where they live What kind of family life do they have. What car you drive in. All of those factors are very important but to me they are important because they touch on the psychographic instead right so if someone tried drives a bmw versus someone who drives a two thousand five honda their mindset sometimes are different. What’s important to them is different so a lot of time really have to focus in on the vocational aspect so they pose when it comes to photography birthdays. A photo of someone. Chilling on the couch is gonna attract very different. Not only clients but Price points in responses right to if you have a type of brand where it’s very laid back a very casual like i have that type of brands versus someone who works with corporations and really big business. Where people’s money the literally time. Every single second you wanna make sure that you were relaying the right info right and then second. I think that it’s really about narrative shifts a lot of the times a lot of times. 00:10:02 – 00:15:25 You have a business of specifically surveys. There are a lot of stigmas that people put on that type of service or expectations. That people have so a quick exercise. That i like that. He was confidence as. Let’s talk about the three biggest news. Verdicts within your industry over. Think your business right now unless talk about how we’re going to disrupt them and shift them into something else because a lot of one year marketing to folks when you’re attempting to create content. You’re so focused on what everyone else is doing. But not necessarily focused on what they are doing. And how you can fill those gaps. So i think branch strategy. You’re thinking about photography for your website. When you’re thinking about copywriting more you’re thinking about even higher. Just gonna show up on your instagram stories daily. All of that holds a big part in how you want to on not all show but shakeup your industry. Yeah that’s that’s really valuable think about those narratives of our customers in how we can begin to shift those perspectives to inspire them to take action to purchase a product to join our email list. I’m slash something definitely worth noting Do you have any strategies or tips for how we begin to think about what these narratives might be. Outside of research is a great one asking our audience specifically are there any. Is there anything else that we can do. Got you so one thing that comes to mind. Am i know everyone says this. But recording sales calls is like a great way to I like to call a kind of catching people off guard when people are talking in a very casual format when they’re just kinda speaking from their mouths. What without speaking of the the need to present perform to someone. The words they use are very very important. So someone who is talking to me may say something as simple as i don’t have time to do this and i simply need someone you know to come in and handle it but ultimately underneath that what they’re saying is me taking time from bill brand or website is ultimately subtracting from the time that i want to spend with clients time that i want to spend with family and ultimately it’s honing in on my self care right. You can dig a lot deeper when it comes to figuring out how to sell to your people I think another thing too. When you’re really trying to figure out how to sell is that. I always tell people. Don’t be afraid to brag on yourselves and don’t be afraid to be yourself right so that’s not to necessarily save at your brand personality. Is you but if you speak in a very casual way or if you are always smiling. Don’t be afraid to like hop on a sales call started off with. I always smile so light. It’s okay you know or let someone know. This is how this works. You can show up on a call in your pants. Like i don’t care but as long as you just being transparent as you can. I think you’ll connect with the ideal client a lot more. Yeah not gonna goes back to what you were saying about the visual aspect of the motion that we can emit with different imagery the example you gave of you know a business suit versus just chilling on your couch or you know popping champagne versus a a a briefcase sitting by a laptop on your computer. Those portrayed different emotions for someone am seeing it and it seems like it’s the same thing on a call like if you’re showing up on the call super casual People will get that vibe from you and energy from you so they will know because you are being authentic to yourself. They’ll know that if that is the right program service coach for them to help. Guide them in offer that solution. And that’s something that we can also take into our showing up on social media within our stories a law times when i have clients that are launching up a new program you know. We’re outlining the content that their audience is going to see within that thirty day. Money right before their the their opening car to their program right and how. We are showing up on social media. How are showing up on our stories. Instagram stories. Facebook lives things like that and helping our customers or potential customers to understand what the vibe is in what energy were trying to put out you know. I always say it helps them to understand your teaching how ut you’ll show up to them because that really helps them to see how you might be inside of the program once they’re actually like transacted in purchase from you. Do you believe that to be true for sure I think selling especially on stories is all about relationship building and the closer someone can feel to you the better right so i know i enjoy people who aren’t always super polished People who you know every now and then they might have on their stars when they’re just heading to bed and they just wanna share you know a quick tidbit that they learned for the day. 00:15:25 – 00:20:01 They wanna share. So i think that’s super huge making sure that you not only have a strategy but also know that you don’t have to have it altogether just show up and imperfect action rate. Yes definitely so. I know that the three stages is something that you believe in that. You’re we need to understand three stages of our website visitors because building credibility around a signature offer can really feel overwhelming. Sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what stage our potential customer is when they’re coming to us for the first time so i know these seniors are important for for us to understand so we can better speak to directly to our website visitors at each stage effectively. Can you help us understand what those three stages are in how we can use them more effectively no problem so though stages of course are cold. Warm and hot leads. But what i’ve done is. I’ve kind of flip those on their head because a lot of the times when you tell people i know when i was first starting in business someone said a cold lead and i was like okay i get with that is but what am i supposed to do with that right. So i flipped on their heads to turn them into the phases of educate. We add reiterate. I’m sorry in activate right. The first phase is the education phase so that as in the cold lead. They know nothing about you. They may have come across. You do instagram pinterest Just a random facebook ad maybe but ultimately you while your goal to be to educate them from job so that could be on social media. That could be a. Maybe they’ve come across the on panthers and downloaded one of your freebies but your job at that stage is simply to let them know what you do why you do it and ultimately why it is important for them to stick around. You’re not necessarily trying to sell as hard as you know you would as someone who was a hotly but it’s all about community building so those people who are in education phase are deciding whether or not they’re going to follow you whether or not they’re going to engage further. The next phase is reiterate so those are the warm leads. Those are the people who have heard about. You may be you referred to in terms of services or products but ultimately they know what you do Understand the importance of it but they’re not necessarily sold. They watch her instagram stories every day. They like comment on your pose. Or maybe they’re just one of those lawmakers but ultimately your goal then is to reiterate your value constantly so that means being consistent on social that means sending an email out weekly biweekly. Maybe even just monthly but have consistency. Where folks no win. They’re going to hear from you so that they can have something to look forward to the reiteration phases all about staying top of mind so so could be in the redirection phase for six months. Someone could be in the reiteration phase for a year two years you never know when someone as coming along or across your page and ultimately deciding to stick around so your goal is to constantly on not sell to them but make sure to giving them value and then when those portions come along where you really wanna launch and sell. You have a crowd to do to in that third phase is the activation face those are the hotly though the people who have their card out on your website. Those are the people who are replying to your emails. That go out. They say you know reply here with questions. Those are the people where you wanna give them as much information as you can about looking service or buying the products right. So i think a lot of the times win. Let’s talk about websites. For instance people were on education phase. They need an about section. They need on a freebie option. They need a portfolio a gallery to look at or a case study section. The people in the reiterate phase may need blog posts or may need on a weekly update on the widget on your site. That leads you to instagram. The people in the activation phase need frequently asked questions. They need a contact form. They need Information about shipping and returns and refund policies right so they need to know. Okay what can i do. Not only to book. But what happens if i have questions to give them all the information. They need to move forward as are amazing. 00:20:01 – 00:25:01 I love that you renamed them. And i think they’re so much more comprehensive and Help to really understand the difference between cold warm hollies especially as you’re kind of walking us through if we were to use these on our website or you know homepage risk about section versus. What’s on her blog or podcast versus. What’s on a sales page. So we are thinking about. This framework educate reiterate activation phase. How would you have us us. All three of these pillars on a single page. Let’s say were looking at a sales page for a product or of course our membership that we are launching. How do we use these three phases throughout that page to get to educate new leaves to reiterate what we are offering providing consistency details of our products. Then how do we activate them all within one page. Yes so i love that. She brought up sales phages. ’cause i’m copyrights it right. End sales pages are all about copy. I don’t care what anyone says You can try to have a website is supposed to know but if you’re trying to sell four five figure offer you need a sales phase right in my opinion but As health specifically in the education faced a sales page usually has a traditional kind of flow to it right. So you’re letting them know not only what you do and what the course is but ultimately you really want to introduce the sales page chorus products in a way that lets them know where they are. Now isn’t working for them right. So a lot of people were in education as maybe it’s someone let’s say it’s photography course and they wanted to get into full-time targeted for a while. They haven’t you know had an avenue to do that or mentor in order to do that they come across yourself page. And they’re realizing that not having a solid process keeping them from getting as many bookings as riot. Not having solid work solid portfolio as Forming questions than actual sales right. So you really want to lay out exactly what that is and let them know. Hey this is what you’re going through now. I’m here to tell you this is not working. I don’t care what anyone else has said in the past. But i’ve gone through the same thing you know if you have and then i think the reiteration phase is really really rooted in the results right. It’s rooted in the testimony. It’s rooted in your about section. Where you really really really wanna brag on yourself and your experience whether you’ve worked with big brands or not Whether you’ve worked on small teams. Bob words with like the. Usda and things of that sort so even if not related to brennan website designing. That’s something i can throw in there to let them know that. I have credibility in program planning in digital development right so whatever is whatever is in engraving their story. You want to make sure that you pull it out In also contact your previous students previous clients and make sure that you have a good mix. I would say in video amran actually started grabbing a few video testimonials and they’ve really been helping out because a lot of the times video is like you can hit two pigeons with one stone right so you have a video of the excitement of the which you can also transform that same video that you can pop in an email And then i would say activation phase of is called to actions. Like that’s gonna be your number one. I absolutely hate. When i get on a sales page and there isn’t a call to action on like the very first but because you never know maybe that person looked at your page during the last launch. And they know they’re ready to go and now they have to. Scroll down fifteen feet to gate to you. Know one button to get them to the bottom so having called to At least every few sections of the way. I don’t necessarily suggest that you have in every single line. But any time there transition like Like maybe finally introduced what the course is call to action. You’ve talked about yourself. You’ve gone into the results. Call to action ag- make sure you have I would say on a sales page anywhere from five to eight to ten depending on how long it is on will be a good number of call to actions but make sure they’re activation phase that they have called actions in the also. Have a place to ask questions or give their questions. Answered like a frequently asked questions section. 00:25:02 – 00:30:02 Okay great so if we were just looking at a sales page. Let’s say we are have created. We can go through each of those bullet points and pillars that you shared with us in kind of check off our own sales peach and landing pages mostly sell speech Going through We can check off ourselves page in sailing. Okay yes. I have educated. I have introduced my product in a way that showcases how potential customer might ideal client is feeling right now why. It’s not working for them. I have reiterated on by showcasing results testimonials. Maybe a personal story. If this is a brand new product you have a mix of video and written testimonials if possible. At least you have some images that go along with those written testimonials just for increase credibility if you can get access to those and then lastly activation we can sprinkle call to action. Buttons throughout ourselves peaches. You recommended at least five to eight to action bind so we can use all three of those elements in kind of check off ourselves. Page to say okay. Yes i have this. Yes i’ve reiterated my results. I’ve reiterated transformation probably a few times throughout the page. And then i have invited and offered an opportunity for my potential customer to take action on this offer to click that button to purchase from us and those are are sprinkled throughout so. That’s something that we can really go through and make sure that we have each of those boxes checked before launching her program before rare sending traffic to these pages such a great quality control. Check to make sure that We have a good framework. At least foundationally set up before. We’re going to try to sell product awesome. I love that so You gave some great tips for ourselves. Peaches now give us the the mistake. So what can avoid you told us what we can do. What can we stop doing. Yes so I love this. Because i have three in particular that always see honestly obscene web websites that are not designed the best that don’t have a best pop reading but they convert really heavy But the goal of every single website and web page to be to have strategy involved right. So i know that even things like grabbing templates can be very easy. But you really wanna make sure that even if it’s a template or something that you design yourself that you have a chance to just sit down. Go through the goal of every single page right. So what is the goal of your homepage. Like outside of saying this is my business nishizawa and inserting personality. What do you want people to do. Is it read your blog is it to simply nurture leads. Maybe your call to action on outside of your freebie should simply be you know you my offer just so they can kind of get a sense of what it is you do but i always say you should set goals for every single page so i i would suggest assessing what’s been happening so far and we’re gonna talk about some tools that help you guys do that. But i think that winger assessing what’s going on you wanna see you know what pages are people visiting the most. What pages are they leaving off of the most. And how long are they saying on your site because that’s really gonna help you in setting your goals so then you want to determine what it is best working what it is that that isn’t and just get rid of everything that is right. Whatever is working beef up on that and insert setting your goals. Whether that is. I want this amount of visitors per day. I want to gain a conversion rate of or maybe a conversion rate increase of twenty five percent In one quarter set goals for yourself because otherwise on your website is just a pretty pamphlet right so just because you build. It doesn’t mean they’re gonna come so always say that havasu before you go into the next one Are there any levels Expectations that we should expect if we have a certain percentage. Now that we’re looking at your landing page there. Certain percentage lift that we should expect by looking at these for making these tweaks to our pages. God too so I think all really just is really custom to your business so you might have You know twenty thousand followers and your volume on your website. 00:30:02 – 00:35:02 Just may be really huge. But i would suggest Going back to that assessing point assess. What the traffic is like now Because if you get five visitors a day if you get it One hundred visitors day. Make sure that you’re connecting that. To how many sales you’re actually getting because otherwise you could make a goal that you want to get two hundred people on your website day instead of one hundred but your sales close rate is only five percent or ten percent right so you have to connect those two numbers to do some math made throughout two. It really figure out what that number is for. You I always tell people though. You only have about seven to ten seconds for someone to really decide if they want to stay on your website or not so even if What’s called your bounce rate. Which is the rate that people are having on and off your site if it’s really high been that something you’re going to have to work like maybe you need to work on the actual hero section the first section or website and maybe spruce up to copy. Maybe it’s your call to actions may be there too. Bland annoy my website Have specific line This sounds like you keeps roland. Like add lines in there that tell people what to do because otherwise if you leave it up to them. They’re gonna leave because they have better things to do with their time. It’s it’s your job or your copyright Your designer shop to convince stick around. Yeah that’s so important for us to remember that our customers are distracted for even more distracted now than ever especially with schools. Meeting glows everybody at home or even more distracted so It’s it’s an important point that you noted that it’s our job as the business owner to keep those people on the page to convince them That this product could be useful for them. Obviously that goes back to us making sure that we are attracting quality leads and that we are bringing the right people to our landing pages if our bounce rates are high that probably means were not bringing the right people to our landing page in addition to not having the tools that coffee visuals for them to keep them on that page so Looking at both of those making sure that our leads are quality. Be so so that. We’re not making adjustments for people that are not even our people anyway right like we want to speak directly to our leads and make sure that those are quality people that are getting on our email lists and things like that. So how do we look at at our landing pages from a data perspective. Or how do we look at these pages from a marketing perspective to understand how we drive more quality leads especially if we are only driving traffic to let’s say an offer page or you know a a lead magnet page or potentially like a blog or podcast on our on. Our website typically are not driving traffic to all those pages. so how do we determine Which pages are going to be the most beneficial in the beginning. Actu- so I think in the beginning specifically when we’re talking about benefits it’s really gonna be whatever page gives the most value to your visitors. So in my opinion that could be applaud. That could be anywhere that you are able to nurture your audience Because otherwise every other page honestly it’s just all about selling so you wanna make sure that if there is a landing page available if there is a A sword of sales page. Maybe even you wanna make sure that you have a place for people to opt in that you can collect emails of course But you also add love to give alternate action rights. They’re not gonna often. They can follow you on instagram. They can You know go to your pinterest page. They can go to a specific law. Post you have maybe Maybe that block coats frampton upton but you wanna give a like giving people So that way they can say okay. Well i’m not comfortable doing this. But i’ll do that. Because it gives people in option in that way you can also track which ones they’re clicking on So that we can understand okay. More people are going to instagram. So maybe when. I post a really need to ramp up the fact that they need to opt in on that landing page I think it really helps if you gave people a fork in the road. 00:35:03 – 00:40:01 Okay and would you suggest that we lead with the least amount of risk for our visitor as possible and by that i mean like the the least risk for them to opt in to a landing page are really low Low risk action. Because they don’t have to purchase anything just have to enter their name and email address. So would you suggest for us to lead with those low risk options first before we’re giving them additional choices like you know we’re not we’re not giving them choices like here’s here’s one course or here’s another course right. Is that what you’re suggesting. Yeah i will definitely do that. Especially while i think it depends on your client to but i think especially if it’s a four five maybe even six offer not sure you know what your audience is doing out there but People who are paying a premium price need a premium type of feel as they’re being nurture So they might not like. I said they might not be the ones that are constantly your direct messages. But they’re the ones that are watching. They’re the ones that are signing up for the listening. Really opening them up at actually reading them. You know so it really depend on Dope fire because of your client makes six seven figures Maybe their time isn’t going to be dedicated to downloading a whole bunch ease. Maybe their time is simply dedicated to finding the chorus gonna get them. You know to that eight figure mark and they have no time to waste right but maybe someone who is still on three months or five k. Months are focused on learning skills in order to build their business in their team. I’m sorry really think. Like i said it just depends who your client is and then also goes back to researching right so i would even suggest switching out to pass clients and giving them enough so special. Click sneak peek. And say hey can you you know. Let me know you think about this in the quick starbucks gift card after as a thank you. I’m in it’ll really help you get into the head of your past success stories so that we can continue with more the more we can gather information from our ideal customers. The better you know with ads. Use your past. Customers to target people build lookalike audiences from for new people so we should use the same strategy to find new customers by using the information that we can gather from old customers. That’s a great tip. A starbucks gift card is probably super secret. Keinan in nice to offer to someone that’s gonna spend thirty minutes giving giving you their thoughts and feedback definitely all right so giving the insider secrets. Give me all the juicy tools that we should be using to gauge our website success. Gotcha so There are three tools. I absolutely love Sometimes i use them. When i’m pitching cold. Leads of his arms. I use them just to spy on what people are doing So the very first one is broken. Link check dot com. You can head there. It’s completely free and you put in your you are l. to your website. It will tell you exactly might not tell you exactly which links middle tell you. How many broken links you have on your site which links lead to your four page which links leads domain isn’t live on so it’ll really give you an opportunity to dive into what your idol client in. Your visitors are experiencing. Maybe when they’re clicking around. Because i’ll bring up temporary pages on site and then forget to actually just get rid of them. Altogether folks will finally mangal will and they’re like yes is. This page is like off in there so kind to like eat. Mommy ends up. That broke it lou. Check has like stay my life. Oh my gosh. I’m gonna use this right after we get off the skull because i could have used this a couple of weeks ago when i was swapping out A lead magnet. That i was putting on my site. There was someone that was that continued to find an old link that i what didn’t want to have traffic going to anymore didn’t wasn’t the lead magnet. I wanted to Have externally in. Didn’t want there is no nurture sequence set up with it anymore had removed it and so i didn’t want people to download that anymore and i could not for the life of me find where it was on my side. It was buried deep within like blogs. That are years old on my site. And i could have definitely used that to help me me so much time to help me find that link So much faster. But yeah i hear you on the when when people come and are like a who. You’re you’re link. 00:40:01 – 00:45:03 I downloaded this. But it’s not what it’s supposed to be or like this went to a forty four page. you know. it doesn’t doesn’t really look good. Thankfully they’re nice but yeah okay so willing to that in a show notes. What else do you got for us. So next i have trust the google analytics honestly A lot of people know about this but they haven’t taken the time to actually utilize it So google analytics is really really great. It’s a very robust tool. I hop in there. You’re probably gonna be like what what is this But the key aspects of our tip for people look at with ingo analytic the bounce rate See at what rate people are leaving your site. And i don’t want people to necessarily think that boundary just them happy on automatically clicking off. That could be them switching tabs. That could be been switching windows so just because you’re bounce rate might be a little higher than usual. It doesn’t necessarily mean people are dipping out completely. It could just be that. They got distracted. Click another link nets on your site in just have traveled somewhere else. Another thing with inglewood analytics is behavior. Flow is really really great. It’ll show you exactly where people are dropping off on your side So if the majority. I know one of the majority traffic pages on site is a blog post right so that gets like a insane amount of traffic. But it’ll also tell you if are dropping off right after they do that right so are they moving onto another page. It’ll show you if they start at home page. How many people went to the about page. Been how many people went to your portfolio So it really is great to us. I really loved the behavior flow. That’s the first one on. Hawaii’s jump in whenever i’m google analytics and then the third one is absolutely my favorite The third tool is called hot jar. I’m sure a few of your probably heard of this but it’s amazing. It is a piece of code just like google analytics that you put into your website and with this one you have to specifically inserted into specific pages. At least that’s how it is in the platform i use but hotjobs specifically can create a heat map your site so it’ll show you all of the hot spots that people are clicking if things are green that means you know a very light traffic on that button if things are yellow You know things are getting a bit hotter and if things are read. That’s the place that people are going to the most on your site so it could be a work with me button. It could be about button. It could be a blog button and then jar also will record people on your excite it will not record people through cameras guys. Okay so relax. But we’ll record their mouths and how it travels it will record them scrolling So that’s a really good tool that you can use. If you’re testing some new copy it will show you what people are actually reading. What people are actually stopping on Immune if you inserted in every single page. It’ll literally record the entire journey. So i just watched someone on my side like a few nights ago. ’cause i gotta notification and i was like well let me see what they did And they went to work with me page. They went to Contact page then. They just filled out a form but the call. So it’s a really good tool to use especially when you’re testing different things stay dip in sales conversions. I know that like befallen. Summer is like times of slow season for people usually the into beginning of years like both out for a lot of services. So maybe that’s a really good time to really dig in and just studied those videos record every single visit while i love that. So that’s a free tool that we can use correct or they’re paid options without as well as far as i know it’s completely free okay. I haven’t paper anything as far as i know. Okay great so that’s a free tool that we can use. That will literally help us to understand what people are doing on our site what they’re reading what they’re clicking on and we can use that to educate in steer our marketing decisions on things like what copy to create our what content to create an what copy that most captivating to them. You know you could test different call to action phrases that you’re using on your call to action button. Maybe some are more captivating. Your audience and Maybe there’s one call to action. That is getting more clicks than another one so we could use that to inform us That okay hey. If i create another sales page i wanna use this same phrase because it has performed well for audience in the past end. 00:45:03 – 00:50:01 My audience loves it. And that’s a really awesome tool for us to be able to go and use end to just watch and learn what people are doing. What’s most interesting to them. Yeah definitely it’s really cool. Like sometimes i just clicked on air just to watch for fun watching a show and i’m like i got notification on minnesota here for ten minutes and just see what people have to. Yeah that’s amazing. So would you say about a month is probably enough time. Depending on how much traffic. You’re getting to your landing page. Obviously we don’t want to make drastic decisions based on one person’s behavior on our website. Would you say about a month is a good frame of reference to have enough data to collect. Then go back and look at it. Say we inject code on our site today and thirty days from now we can go back and look at you know. Potentially what’s been happening on our on our websites. Definitely i would even suggest like making a quick like mind map or even a spreadsheet and just tracking on navy the buttons. That people are clicking. The most that you’ve served on the homepage just so you can keep track of how things are going on. And it doesn’t have to turn into the huge project but yeah it’s really cool. Yeah awesome. I love that so now that you have given us some other tools from other people that you use in your business. Why don’t you share with us. I know you have to exclusive free resources that you personally created for the marketing to millions listeners. Why don’t you share with us. What those are and where we can get our hands on them. Yeah no problem. So i have to option three guys so the first one is my website content worksheet. It’s literally gonna lay out your entire website in a sense every single page. And it’s gonna go through the questions that people are going to be asking whether they’re in education phase the reiteration of activation vase. It’ll kind of walk you through the information that he provides. It’s really a copywriting resource. Honestly use the as a resource before. I started doing cock writing for my finance. So it’s still really helpful for people and then the second is the no more boring branding checklists on that simply what. It is. Just a checklist that walks through the aspects of successful brands Entered also gives you a few questions you can ask yourself if you’re building your own brand strategy amazing and where can we find us so you can find them at my website with hard creative dot studio a back slash podcast and they’ll be available to. They’re awesome and will definitely linked to those in the show notes. Are there any other places that we can connect with you on sydney on or you know. Tell us what you are working on something exciting that you have humming that you can share with us your no problem so instagram is gonna be the number one spot iceman way too much time there so wants to stop by and say hi so frank secondly i do have a blog launching in just a few. I’m actually going to be sending a sneak peek of the very first blog. Posts out sneak. Peeks really really good guy cemetery moments the love him but yeah. I just wanted to be a resource to people give as much value as i can. Honestly i sitting here in this office in our rent all day about how people need branch strategy in how people need you know. Good design and copywriting but after a while you have to Really just be a resource in gift. People somewhere to go so they can get that information In education first and foremost and love that I love fat. You are rooted in education in giving as much value for free to your audience. It’s one of the things that really drew me to you to invite you to you. Know be on the podcast. So i love that. You’re sharing those two resources with us guys. Go grab them. they’re amazing. I personally downloaded them. And you can even take a peek at sydney’s email coffee and how she shows up in her. Emails is really really great so you can take a peek at those will include those links in the show notes for us. Lastly as we wrap up. Do you have a number one tip that we can take away from this episode about our brand strategy. You know how we can generate more leads and communicate our value online. Yeah so The number one thing. I would say honestly outside of like knowing. I declined a lot of people trip up by doing their best to perform for the audience. 00:50:01 – 00:52:14 Instead of just being present so we through your copy ask yourself what i’ve saved us like this in real life you know read through your ram captions really decided. That’s how you talk to your audience. Because all the way you speak to them on a daily tweet monthly basis is what’s gonna attract them. They might not read everything But if you hop on video if you have on your stories. I’m even if they’re on your website. They’re really going to resonate with your personality. Amazing and then consistency right like once. We have that nail down just keeping not consistent across all those touch points whether it be social media. Instagram stories are landing pages ourselves. Pj’s were showing up the same way across all of those. Creating that really consistent cohesive congruent message across all of those touch points so that as we think about those three pillars that you shared with us those three stages educate reiterate and activate right. That was the last one activation As we think about those three we can be very intentional with the messaging that we’re delivering at each of those stages to further move our customer down the customer journey and further get those sales because we can’t really do much if we can’t make that money right. Mealy awesome all sydney. Thank you so much for being here and we will definitely go. Grab those lead magnets. Hey liz here again. I just to say thank you again for spending your valuable time with me today if you love this episode. Can i ask you a huge huge favor. Can you let me know what you loved by leaving a review. This would mean so much to me and only a few seconds of your time. Now don’t forget you can connect with other thought leaders just like you inside the marketing millions. Facebook it’s free and the conversation there is on fire. you wouldn’t believe the explosive growth people inside seeing. I hope you’ll check it out.


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Whether you're ready to hire this #dreamteam, coming for an online workshop, or joining my course, or bingeing all the strategies via this blog or my podcast, I'm PUMPED you're here. I can't wait to watch you make magic happen! 

I’m a marketing strategist, coach, and the ads manager behind multiple million-dollar launches. My goal is to empower entrepreneurs to create THRIVING online businesses. Stick with me, I'll teach you the marketing strategies that move the needle in building your online business, influence, and your brand. Along with sharing my best-kept secrets from being in the trenches behind million-dollar marketing campaigns. 

Whether you're ready to hire this #dreamteam, coming for an online workshop, or joining my course, or bingeing all the strategies via this blog or my podcast, I'm PUMPED you're here. I can't wait to watch you make magic happen!