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Before you determine if Facebook Ads are right for your small business, let’s review some of the latest Facebook statistics of 2019. 

Facebook Statistics of 2019

These statistics can help you develop strategies to ensure you are targeting the audience you want to reach in the most effective way.

Still unsure if you’re ready to pay for Ads to drive traffic to your landing page?

Even with a limited budget, by focusing on what is working TODAY, you’ll be able to master Facebook Ads. 

Here are a few ways to set yourself up for success. 

Focus On Positivity

After the Cambridge Analytica incident in 2018, which made people stop trusting Facebook to be a safe environment, Facebook is now more than ever, particular on what you post on the platform. They want people to only use the platform for good. 

 This means that if you run ads that contain a lot of negative language or stir up negative emotions, Facebook is going to stop showing your ads. 

 Double check your ad copy before posting for negative emotions. Focus on creating ad copy that either speaks to a pain point or your customer’s desire in an area of transformation. But be careful NOT to make any promises in your copy or arrange your copy in a way that generates a feeling of fear. This will flag your Ad.

For example, if you’re a health/fitness coach, your Ad copy cannot promise your clients that they will lose 30 lbs by working with you. Or scaring them into thinking that they need to lose weight in order to be around for their grandchildren’s next birthday. Instead focus on the transformation your programs bring to your clients, like helping them to have more energy, boost their confidence by fueling their bodies with proper nutrients, etc.,  . 

For Facebook to reward you the most, your Ad should be empowering and uplifting to Facebook users.

Which is why you are starting to see story-based and Testimonial Ads in your feed. These types of Ads are very powerful for connecting with your audience and are rewarded by Facebook with lower cost per click.

Social Proof 

 If you can get an ad that gets lots of likes and comments and shares on it, that is going to save you from paying crazy cost per click.

Superb engagement on your ads not only gets you some serious organic reach but it drives down the paid costs as well. 

So aim for ads that bring out positive emotions in people and inspire them to engage. You can do this by mastering storytelling so every ad you create elicits an emotion in your audience and inspires them to take a desired action.  

Another trick would be to use a well structured video testimonial, where the customer (past or present) talks about the positive outcome they got by using your service in their own words.

Optimize For After The Click

Facebook cares about the customer experience, so everything from people seeing your ad for the first time all the way to them receiving your product, service, or digital download matters a lot. 

Of course, Facebook can’t see everything that happens in that entire process, but there are definitely a few things they can see and pay close attention to. 

For example, if people click on your ad and your page load is slow or users land on your landing page and immediately hit the back button, that sends Facebook a negative signal that your page doesn’t deliver on the promise of the ad. 

If that happens enough times, Facebook can decide to stop showing your ad completely or continue showing it but charge you way more for it.

Pay Attention To Your Business Page

Facebook tends to reward business pages with great ratings and reviews. They reward you for the speed with which you respond to people’s comments and questions too.

So if your business page has a higher engagement rate, Facebook will be sure to reward you with lower costs per click.

That’s why brands that know this secret do regular Facebook lives since videos tend to get better deliverability and you can lower your Ad costs by retargeting viewers.



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    Instant Experience Ads

    Instant experience ads are what we’re formerly known as Canvas ads. They are Facebook’s new ad format that once people click on, they get all the details of your offer, including video, images, and they even have the ability to create a fill out form. 

    Rather than all this happening on your website, which might take a lot longer to load, it all happens on Facebook.

    Because this is a plus for Facebook – they get to keep people on their platform for as long as possible- .they’re likely to show this ad at a much lower cost because they know that they’re not sending people off to your site. 

    The other benefit is since it loads so much faster than the typical external website, you’re likely to get way more eyeballs on your offer. 

    The switch from Canvas ads to the new instant experience ads is also a bonus to you since you get more templates to choose from; this can guarantee you better looking ads.

    Lookalike Audience

    It is important now more than ever to dial in on your targeting; Facebook lookalike ads are probably the best way to do this.

    This is my favorite way to find new customers based on my current customers. 

    All you’ve got to do is upload a spreadsheet of your current customer list. Or an email list of people who have interacted with your business or downloaded some kind of a content piece on your site. 

    Facebook will then match those email addresses with their member profiles. Since Facebook has many data points on its members based on their demographics, what they read, what they like, what they watch, etc, it is easy for them to find all the commonalities between all the people on your list. 

    Once they figure out what that list of people has in common, they go out and start finding other new audiences that share the same similarities, and then show your ad to them.  

    This creates relevance between your ads and the new audience and in most cases, it increases your engagement, therefore, driving down your cost per click.

    Vertical Video Ads

    One of the keys to getting a Facebook ad to perform well is to get people to stop the scroll and pay attention to it. So instead of using a horizontal video that takes up a tiny amount of screen space, you can go bigger and bolder by tilting your camera vertically when making videos. 

    Vertical videos tend to be more engaging, resulting in more likes, shares, and comments than horizontal videos or square videos. 

     In conclusion, the statistics remind you of how important it is to create an impression, work on your engagement and what it takes to capture the attention of the people that are constantly on Facebook but may not be a loyal follower…just yet.

    Ready to start creating your next Facebook Ad?

    Rather not, I’ll manage them for you. No need to struggle through Facebook Ads Manager. I’ll set up the perfect Ad for your business.

    Let’s chat, click here to email me & see if you’re the right fit!


    Hi, I'm Liz.
    Your New BFF + Marketing Coach.

    I’m a marketing strategist, coach, and the ads manager behind multiple million-dollar launches. My goal is to empower entrepreneurs to create THRIVING online businesses. Stick with me, I'll teach you the marketing strategies that move the needle in building your online business, influence, and your brand. Along with sharing my best-kept secrets from being in the trenches behind million-dollar marketing campaigns. 

    Whether you're ready to hire this #dreamteam, coming for an online workshop, or joining my course, or bingeing all the strategies via this blog or my podcast, I'm PUMPED you're here. I can't wait to watch you make magic happen! 

    I’m a marketing strategist, coach, and the ads manager behind multiple million-dollar launches. My goal is to empower entrepreneurs to create THRIVING online businesses. Stick with me, I'll teach you the marketing strategies that move the needle in building your online business, influence, and your brand. Along with sharing my best-kept secrets from being in the trenches behind million-dollar marketing campaigns. 

    Whether you're ready to hire this #dreamteam, coming for an online workshop, or joining my course, or bingeing all the strategies via this blog or my podcast, I'm PUMPED you're here. I can't wait to watch you make magic happen!