So you can convert casual readers into customers with a high-performing sales page

Convert casual readers into customers with a high-performing sales page

Sales page not converting at the level you want? Take the quiz and find out why.  Learn what sections to add, mistakes that are killing your sales, and what is working now. 

optimize your sales page

“From minimal sales to sought-after website templates, this checklist made all of the difference.”


"This gave me the courage to go full-time into my personal brand business.

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"I can now scale my business on autopilot."

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“I didn't think it would be worth it. It was. I didn't think it would work for me. It did. I didn't think I'd be *that* success story. I am. ”

- Liz Boer.

The feedback I often hear from clients and students after they have used my sales page optimizer. I am 100% dedicated to helping you learn what it takes to create a high-performing sales page and reduce your overwhelm with creating your own. 

“From low conversions, to hundreds of enrollments! You don't have to go it alone.”

- liz boer.

You don't have take the hard road. This checklist will give you all of the elements you need to create a sales page that speaks directly to your perfect customer and has them excited to buy from you! 

I'm a marketing strategist and sales funnel coach with over 10 years under my belt helping online businesses from major brand labels to start-ups grow their revenues through smart automated systems, paid traffic, and direct response copy. And I've got proven results having built and consulted on 150+ funnels through my agency and now I love spilling all of the secrets inside freebies like this one.